Keeping your readers attention and keeping your visitors on your website should be one of your primary goals. While your main focus should be on creating awesome compelling content in your blog posts, you can also use sidebar widgets to entertain and inform your audience. Here are 10 Best Sidebar Widgets for your blog you should consider implementing. Polls and Surveys Polls and surveys are a great way to get your readers engaged and interested in your website. They can also help you gain insight into what your audience is interested in and really cares about—which you can then use in your writing. WordPress bloggersRead More →

Effectively Using Images In Your Blog

If you have your own blog, you’re probably constantly looking for ways to improve it, from the content and format to the layout. And, if you’re like most bloggers, you probably go over these things obsessively, trying to make your blog the most appealing to your readership. And there’s a good reason for all your hard work. After all, if your blog isn’t engaging to your readers, they’ll leave. It’s just that simple. One way to increase the attractiveness and effectiveness of your blog is to use images and multimedia. This will break up the monotony of your blog, giving your audience something new andRead More →