Which is better to use for your blog: WordPress or Blogger? That’s the first questions many beginning bloggers ask. For those that choose WordPress (the majority of bloggers), the next question is: Should you use or And what is the difference? In this article, I’ll try to answer these questions as well as others you may have the best I can. So, let’s take a look at Blogger vs WordPress. What is Blogger? Blogger is one of the oldest blogging platforms and is now owned by Google. With Blogger, you sign up for an account (or use your existing Google account) and youRead More →


Although your content is the most important part of your blog, you shouldn’t overlook the design of your website as well. Having a great looking website not only looks more professional, but it can also attract more readers. For WordPress blogs, it starts with choosing your website theme. One of the great things about using WordPress is that you have a ton of free website themes you can access from the repository. When you initially install WordPress, or have it installed for you by your web host, you’ll get the default WordPress theme. You definitely want to change to a new theme to giveRead More →