Promoting Your Blog with Social Media

Promoting Your Blog with Social Media

Social Media

If you’re part of the blogging world, or starting out in it, you’ve probably read or heard about all the issues people have in getting traffic to their page. This is a serious issue that many bloggers face. Unfortunately, while setting up a blog and creating content is a relatively easy task, many overlook how hard it is to promote the blog. If you’re having a problem getting readers or traffic to your blog, it’s time you turned to social media to promote it.

Social media is a godsend to bloggers. Think of it like this: There are over 1.7 billion people on social media every single day. And each one of those billion people could be a potential reader for you. By turning to social media, you’re creating a network of people you can talk to, grow with, and, most importantly in this case, get reading your blog. Networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all opportunities for you to promote your blog. You just need to know how to start.

The first step in promoting your blog with social media is actually getting on social media. You want to be active even before you start promoting your blog. Get on all the social networks that carry an audience for your blog and start making friends. Add people, comment on other peoples things, get into groups, and just get active–the bigger your presence on social media, the bigger your audience when you start promoting your blogs.

When you’ve got a good social media presence, it’s time to start building your content to be more SEO friendly. Start by including the links to all your social media sites at the bottom of all your blogs. This will allow people to share and favorite your posts easily. Ask questions in your blog to get conversations going, not just on your actual site, but on your networks, too. And involve your audience. Ask them what they want to read about or what content really interests them. The more you show you care and are interested in your audience, the more they’ll respond to you.

Once you have a few blog followers and a pretty decent social media following, look for places you can guest blog. This might seem a bit counterproductive, but if you can write on someone else’s blog, you can include links back to yours, which will increase your overall audience and your readership. You can even take it a step further and ask for people to contribute to your blogs. This way, they’ll let all their friends and followers know to check out what they’ve done on your blog, driving traffic to your site.

The most important thing about promoting your blog is keeping traffic. It’s easy to get a sudden boost in readership, but it can drop quickly if you don’t keep updating your content and if you don’t keep involved with your audience. So, update regularly and always show your appreciation for your readers.


  1. The first step in promoting your blog with social media is actually getting on social media. You want to be active even before you start promoting your blog.

  2. some good tips, often i see people just promoting their stuff without engaging their audience

  3. I believe that Social media promotion is very useful for getting visitors/readers for my blogs. I try my best to promote my blogs/posts on Facebook and Twitter. I didn’t try Google Plus yet. Have you guys used Google Plus or other social media ?

  4. I’ve found that using groups and communities has been extremely helpful in promoting my content. I enjoyed your post and all the tips!

  5. Hello, yes i believe that social media is very useful and helpful. thanks for sharing the information..!!

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