The Best SEO Tip for 2016

The Best SEO Tip for 2016

SEO 2016 Tip

One of the ways to increase your blog’s audience is to rank better in the search engines. However, when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), what use to work well in the past probably won’t get you to the top of the listings anymore. When it comes to ranking high in the search engines, these days it’s all about helping out your readers.

While things like including keywords in your domain name, title tags, and meta descriptions use to be ultra-important in SEO, they have long since been de-emphasized by the search engines. And although backlinks and keywords do certainly account for some of your rankings, more and more importance is being placed on providing the information that search engine users are looking for.

It’s very significant to note that representatives from both Google and Bing say that the key to better search engine rankings is to actually answer the question that searchers want to know about. Also, both Google and Bing are focusing heavily on the millennial audience and their wants and desires. With millennials spending more time on mobile computing devices and wanting to get answers to their questions as quickly as possible, the search engines are now more than ever looking for the content that most closely and definitively provides the right information.

What does this mean for bloggers? Well, while you’re certainly free to blog about anything you want to, if you’re looking to get your blog posts ranked higher in Google or Bing, and attract a bigger audience, the best SEO advice in 2016 is to provide the best complete yet concise information that helps your readers get the answers to their questions or solutions to their problems or concerns.


  1. What you have said is absolutely right. After all everything depends upon whether the content is useful to the readers or not.

  2. What you have said is absolutely right. I’m usually interested in the content of the blog. If it really useful, you can keep readers staying longer

  3. My site has been online 3 month now and I’m only just starting to see even a visitor a day via Google. Is age of domain a big factor also?

    1. Author

      Hi Rich,

      Domain age may still be a factor, but not as big as it once was. Keep adding great content on your blog and I’m sure your traffic will increase. My experience has been that it usually takes at least 6 months + to see significant traffic gains.

  4. That’s absolutely true.
    The search engine will rank to those websites or blogs which are user friendly and provides proper solution to the visitor.
    Thanks for sharing this useful and helpful info with us.

  5. I never think about seo when writing content. Because quality content can be turned into low quality content when thinking about search engines. I believe in writing for people. I never write for search engines.

  6. I agree with Samba SIva. I also don’t think about SEO when I write any content. I just focus on the writing. I write for people and I believe that if I will write helpful content people will visit my blog regularly.

  7. if you want your blog content to be ranked you should have quality ideas for people to engage you further. i like the article

  8. I am just 1 month into blogging and apart from social media promotions i am geting organic searches too.
    I think content matters a lot in blogging and that’s what is the most important thing.
    I totally agree with you,

  9. i completely agree with the things you have said in this post! 🙂
    I will be looking forward to these things in the future 🙂
    Thanks a lot

  10. SEO is very important to rank a site
    your post is very much helpful to ranking any site
    thanks for write the post about SEO

  11. I tend to look at my market and find what they are searching for so I can provide a solution. This is what I have learned. Great information appreciate the tips.

  12. What you have said is absolutely right. your post is very much helpful to ranking any site.Thank you for sharing valusble information.

  13. Completely agree with you, if I put it in another way, algorithms of the prominent search engines are updating themselves to reward those websites that give the best experience to the visitors which includes properly constructed and optimized websites with proper internal links in every web page, fast loading and quality content.

  14. thanks for your information,this article is very helpful for every seo expert,i have many idea form here,thanks a lot sharing .

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