The Key to a Successful Blog: Perseverance

The Key to a Successful Blog: Perseverance

Key To Blogging Success

Starting a blog is a lot of fun! You get to pick out your design and maybe even create and add a logo. You get to create this amazing space that represents you, your business, or your family. And then you start writing or vlogging. And, if studies are right, you’ll go strong for a few months, then stop. Don’t feel bad. More than 95% of all bloggers quit. That’s a staggering number! And if you don’t want to be part of that statistic, if you want to be in revered 5%, there’s one key to making your blog successful: Perseverance.

Here’s something very few bloggers are willing to share: The longer you persevere and keep your blog going, the better it will do. It’s kind of a tricky dichotomy. You have to keep writing, keep working, even when you have no readers or commenters, so that at some point, down the road, you’ll have a consistent readership. And while it seems like a lot of work for a ‘maybe’, if you’re serious about blogging, this is the only way to do it. The longer a blog exists, the more posts it has, the better it will rank. And, the better you blog ranks on search engines, the more readers you’ll get.

But, perseverance doesn’t just include the actual writing of the blog, you have to persevere when it comes to marketing your blog, too. Yes, it’s completely possible to grow a blog organically. People will stumble on to it, especially the longer you write and the higher you rank, but if you want to truly grow your readership, you need to market. One of the best ways to market is to get involved in the blogging community. Ask to guest post, so you can backlink to your blog. Answer questions and leave comments in forums on topics that relate to your blog, always leaving your link behind. Persist. This way, you won’t just be growing, but you’ll be drawing in readers who will actively participate on blogs and forums.

While you persistently work on your writing and your marketing, don’t forget to do your reading. Hopefully, you’re blogging about a topic that really interests you. If you’re not, you might not have lasting power. But, it’s not enough to just write about the same aspect of this topic every day. You need to be consistently learning more about your subject matter so that you have something new to offer your readers. And, if you really love the topic, this won’t be much of a burden. Read other bloggers. Watch YouTube videos. Scour the internet for news articles or reports. If you want to go old-school, visit your local library and try to find information on your topic that might be long forgotten. The more you know, the more information you can provide. Soon, you’ll be seen as an expert on that topic.

It is completely possible to create a successful blog. Yes, it will take a lot of work. But, if you focus on a topic you’re passionate about and persevere, you can grow your blog.


  1. Thank you so much for this info- I’m new to blogging, and although some days are pretty good, it seems like I get so few views on other days. I started out posting as if I already had an audience, and I think that helped, but it still gets frustrating at times!

  2. If you give your blog the time it needs and blog regular posts on it, you are golden.

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