WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms being used by many types of website owners. However, WordPress started off as a blogging tool and it is certainly the best one available to you. There are plenty of reasons why WordPress is your best blogging tool. Here are 10 of the top reasons you should use WordPress for your blog.

1. WordPress is Free
While you may have to pay for your web hosting, WordPress itself is 100% free to use as your blogging software. The majority of themes and plugins can also be used for free. And all of the update releases of WordPress will also not cost you to spend money.

2. WordPress has awesome functionality via plugins
Plugins can greatly extend the functionality of your WordPress blog or website. Whether it’s security, design, ecommerce, SEO, or some other functions you need, you can probably find a plugin (usually for free) that will accomplish that task.

3. WordPress is easy to learn
Compared to other content management systems, WordPress is actually very intuitive and easy to learn. If you’re like me, you won’t need any formal training to become proficient at WordPress. It’s definitely possible to install it, and learn by using it.

If you do need some help, there are many excellent online resources (WordPress.org, etc.) to assist you. Also, you can probably find one of many WordPress user groups in your local area. These meetings are excellent opportunities to meet fellow WordPress users and gain some new knowledge.

4. WordPress look can be easily customized with themes
Changing the look and layout of your WordPress blog is extremely easy. All you need to do is change your WordPress theme. And, there are tons of free themes available in the WordPress repository.

5. WordPress is flexible
Although it may initially have been strictly blogging software, WordPress can now be utilized to create almost any kind of website you need. Should you need to modify or add some functionality to your site like ecommerce, WordPress is able to accomplish that task.

6. WordPress has different levels of access security
You can assign different levels of security to your WordPress site users. From full admin privileges to author or editor or simply a subscriber or contributor—you can tailor their site access exactly as you need to.

7. WordPress community is awesome!
I mentioned WordPress user groups above. They are just a part of the WordPress community. Along with user group meetings, you can also attend WordCamp conferences and participate via WordPress.org. Whether you’re looking for assistance in solving a WordPress issue or you want to further your WP education, I’ve found the WordPress community people to be more than willing to help.

8. WordPress is SEO friendly
Search engines have always liked WordPress. And with the use of an SEO plugin, you can further improve your blog’s chances of ranking well in Google or Bing.

9. WordPress lets you easily add multimedia to your blog
Recent enhancements to WordPress have made adding video, audio, and images even easier. The embedding features are especially helpful.

10. WordPress keeps current
In between new major releases, WordPress keeps their software current and secure by releasing security updates when needed. And as I am writing this post, I noticed that WordPress has just released a new intermediate level release!