Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Here are 10 of the best WordPress plugins you can use with your blog. As we’ve previously discussed how you can greatly enhance the functionality of WordPress via plugins, these are some of my favorites that will help you with SEO, website speed, content management, social media, and security.

Yoast SEO
by Team Yoast

Installing and using an SEO plugin is one of the first things you should do when creating your WordPress blog. The two most popular plugins for search engine optimization are the All in One SEO plugin and the Yoast SEO plugin. I use them both on my various sites and have found they do an equally good job. The Yoast plugin seems to be recommended by many in the WordPress community, and it does include more features—though you may not need to use all of them.

by Automattic

Akismet will help you deal with those pesky spam comments that are likely to pop up once your blog gets established. You just need to obtain a key when you activate it. I’ve found that Akismet does a really good job at determining which comments to filter out.

Limit Login Attempts
by Johan Eenfeldt

There are many security plugins for WordPress. But one of the first plugins you should install is the Limit Login Attempts plugin. It limits the number of incorrect login attempts someone can try before they are shut out—protecting against malicious programs that continually try to guess your password and access your admin site.

W3 Total Cache
by Frederick Townes

Keeping your blog running as fast and smoothly as possible should be one of your main goals. Using a caching plugin such as W3 Total Cache will help to speed page loading times.

EWWW Image Optimizer
by Shane Bishop

Along with using a caching plugin, another way to speed up your blog is by optimizing your images—particularly if you include a lot of photos with your blog posts. The EWWW Image Optimizer is a great tool for this task.

Floating Social Media Icon
by Acurax

There are many plugins for placing social media links on your WordPress site. I like the Floating Social Media Icon plugin as it gives you many different types of icons to choose from and you can also have the social media icons float out to the corner of your site.

WordPress Social Sharing Organization
by Jean-Sebastien Morisset

WPSSO is another great social media plugin for WordPress. Using this plugin will give you more control over how your social media posts linking to your blog show up via Twitter Cards, and Facebook posts.

WP Scheduled Posts

The most successful bloggers actually compose many blog posts at one time and then schedule them out for publishing at a later data. The WP Scheduled Posts plugin helps you organize your scheduled blog posts and provides in-dashboard tools to simplify things.

Contextual Related Posts
by WebberZone

For established blogs, one of the challenges is to make sure your content continues to be accessible to your audience. With the Contextual Related Posts plugin, you can easily include links and thumbnail images to your past blog posts that are related to the one someone is currently reading.

Fast Secure Contact Form
by Mike Challis, Ken Carlson

Providing a means of communication is recommended for allowing your audience to reach out to you about your blog. There are many plugins that allow you to include a contact form for messaging. Personally, I like the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin.