While you can use online community sites such as Blogger or for your blog, I recommend you use a self-hosted website. When you want to use the software from for your blog, you need to purchase your own web hosting. There are tons of web hosting companies for you to choose from. Because WordPress is by far the most popular blogging platform on the web, this article focuses heavily on WordPress friendly features. So without further delay, here are my Top 10 Tips for Choosing Web Hosting for Your Blog. 1. Spend Less Time Installing Software Manually installing WordPress (or any otherRead More →


Keeping your readers attention and keeping your visitors on your website should be one of your primary goals. While your main focus should be on creating awesome compelling content in your blog posts, you can also use sidebar widgets to entertain and inform your audience. Here are 10 Best Sidebar Widgets for your blog you should consider implementing. Polls and Surveys Polls and surveys are a great way to get your readers engaged and interested in your website. They can also help you gain insight into what your audience is interested in and really cares about—which you can then use in your writing. WordPress bloggersRead More →

Blogging Calendar

All serious bloggers use some type of editorial calendar. And, there are some good reasons why you should too if you aren’t already using one. Using an editorial calendar for your blog will not only help you with scheduling upcoming posts, but it can also help you track what you’ve written about in the past, spark ideas for new blog posts in the future, and maybe most importantly, keep you motivated to come up with new content for your blog. There are many online tools available for editorial scheduling, but your calendar doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, for many years I’ve simplyRead More →

How to Monetize Your Blog

Once you’ve got your blog established you may want to start earning some income from your website. While you may not get rich (at least not right away), it’s very easy to incorporate some income streams into your blog. The two primary ways of making money with your blog are through advertising and affiliate marketing. Both of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Adsense or Affiliate? The easiest way of implementing ads into your site is through Google Adsense. You just need to sign up with Google and include the Adsense code in your blog. They’ll take care of having the most pertinent adsRead More →

Business Blogs

If you have a business and want to grow your client base or if you just want to improve your PR, starting a blog is a great place to begin. Having a blog for your business will help you prove your expertise, provide news and updates, connect with potential customers, and provides a free marketing tool. The only problem is, to reap all these benefits, you actually have to start a blog. If you’re unsure of where to start in creating a blog for your business, follow the steps below. 1. Know Your Goals and Purpose It’s easy to buy a WordPress theme and justRead More →

Blog Headlines

First impressions mean everything. While this is often applied to people, businesses, or places, the same can be said about websites and blogs. For these, headlines are the first impressions. And, to have a successful blog, these headlines need to make a good first impression. Having headlines that resonate with an audience is the best way to attract more readers. Here are a few tips on how to write headlines that attract more readers. Headlines won’t be able to include every single tip here, but combining one or two will vastly improve the quality of headlines. 1. Know the Target Audience This is a bigRead More →

Keys To Blogging Success

There are such a large number of issues that can emerge when you’re attempting to be an effective blogger. It might be that you can’t make sense of what you need to expound upon; a case of writer’s block. You may be experiencing a temporarily uncooperative mind. You may get effortlessly diverted while doing your own research. Do you plan things out ahead before you do them? Never burn bridges/keep in-touch with sources to make content less demanding on you? Do you have objectives and timetables set for your written work? Do you have some go-to profitability apps that you utilize? If you answered “no”Read More →

SEO 2016 Tip

One of the ways to increase your blog’s audience is to rank better in the search engines. However, when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), what use to work well in the past probably won’t get you to the top of the listings anymore. When it comes to ranking high in the search engines, these days it’s all about helping out your readers. While things like including keywords in your domain name, title tags, and meta descriptions use to be ultra-important in SEO, they have long since been de-emphasized by the search engines. And although backlinks and keywords do certainly account for some ofRead More →

Blogging Ideas

As a blogger, you usually know what want to write about. The topics are all pre-planned and executed according to your inspiration. But this isn’t always the case. Being a blogger, I have gone through phases when I had been literally stumped about what to write. I know for a fact that other bloggers face this problem too. I was recently faced with this problem a few days back, and I had no clue whatsoever for my blog post. In such a situation, I was seeking help online but I was unable to find anything helpful. So I decided that for this blog post, IRead More →

Key To Blogging Success

Starting a blog is a lot of fun! You get to pick out your design and maybe even create and add a logo. You get to create this amazing space that represents you, your business, or your family. And then you start writing or vlogging. And, if studies are right, you’ll go strong for a few months, then stop. Don’t feel bad. More than 95% of all bloggers quit. That’s a staggering number! And if you don’t want to be part of that statistic, if you want to be in revered 5%, there’s one key to making your blog successful: Perseverance. Here’s something very fewRead More →